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HRexPRess HRMS - Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management Software (HRMS)

Delivering Results in Financial HR Management

Reduce HR Administrative expense & empower your employees with a web-based Employee Self Service System.

CYMA HRexPRess HRMS Employee Self Service provides employees & managers secure, web-based access to important employee Payroll & HR information from anywhere in the world. A truly powerful HRMS function. More...

Reduce your payroll processing expense with CYMA HRexPRess HRMS Payroll Software

CYMA HRexPRess HRMS Payroll & HR software eliminates the need for costly payroll outsourcing & for larger organizations, provides unmatched employee/payroll staff efficiencies. More...

Understand your employee costs like you never have before with CYMA Business Insight

As part of the HRMS, our spreadsheet based Payroll & HR Financial Analysis system links your Payroll & HR data to Microsoft Excel™, & specialized functions allow you to model Payroll related costs in endless ways. More...

Never miss an important date by using automated alerts to get ahead of potential problems

CYMA HRexPRess HRMS Alerts allows you to set alert conditions related to any field in the extensive HRMS database & automatically generates detailed alert email notifications to a predefined list of employees & managers. More...

Maximize performance of each position in your firm through the CYMA HRexPRess HRMS Position Management System

Manage employee qualifications, pay grades, performance reviews & have extensive position by position costs at your fingertips through CYMA HRexPRess HRMS Position Management. More...

Make informed decisions & automate your Benefits Management!

Benefit Management can be highly complex considering 401k, medical, dental & a host of other employee benefits. HRexPRess HRMS Benefits Management helps organize & deliver complex benefits packages. More...

Hire the most qualified employees through HRexPRess HRMS Openings & Applicant Tracking

Resume overload for open positions will be a problem for years to come. Filter the best candidates through measured, custom defined applicant tracking & openings management. More...

Employee Credentials

Don't get caught without required certifications & credentials. HRexPRess HRMS can help assist in credential & certification management as well as track internal class attendance for certifications & company mandated training. More...

Robust Accounting & Payroll Software integration in HRexPRess HRMS helps track all costs.

Because of HRexPRess HRMS solid accounting & payroll software background, your employee costs are managed, tracked & reported to help you make measured decisions. More...

Power Payroll Services with HRexPRess HRMS

Hundreds of organizations use CYMA HRexPRess HRMS payroll, human resources software and accounting as the engine to their professional Payroll Services. More...

HRexPRess Information Options

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